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its a good game but I dont have a smartphone/tablet so I cant get the mobile version. How about make a PC version?

Could be better.
I would of rather used my points to buy upgrades instead of just being given an upgrade every level.
Last level should of been some kind of boss that had a ton of gun ports firing down at you and you would have to destroy them all to win.
The acid gun kind of becomes very sucky in the later levels, maybe apply the guns upgrades to it as well? It would of been epic to be spewing out 5 streams of acid at once
There is also a huge lack of variety, would of liked to see more variety in the main weapon.

Murgee Auto Mouse Clicker 1.0 made short work of this.
Finished in 1:59:30.892

Bugs/Ideas for improvement.
Wife doesnt seem to collect eggs as advertised. I will come back 20-30 minutes later to find the chickens just sitting there waiting to be moved out of the way to grab the eggs and the total amount of eggs collected being 0...

Wife seriously needs a buff to the watering plants. I have like 50 points into the watering skill and it BARELY raises the water meter.

Seeds get ridiculously expensive past Level 2 Tomatoes.

Instead of just insta-selling all items, you should have a more active markplace setup which you can sell what you want, and over time the prices per items change.

Eggs should payout more initially.

Needs expandable plots. 4 Is too small, I want to be able to buy more plots of land to utilize.

Make the wife actually help with the farming, she is so lazy.

If you make it so more plots are obtainable, maybe add hired help that works for pay.

Junjo responds:

Does your wife have some skill point on the "col.eggs" skill? she needs at least one to learn that skill.

The watering skill does NOT raises the bar (well it do when the plant is 100% grown), but make all plants grow like if they where watered for the time shown by the skill. The idea is just to be a help to increase the growing speed while you are idle, not to water for you (what is an active bonus).

There is a bug, when times up you have to reload the game as pressing play again gives you anywhere from 1-5 seconds before you get stopped by the times up.

Its a fun game dont get me wrong, but it could be better.
My general gripes and suggestions as follows:
1. It feels way slower than the original with having to stop and do tasks.
2. Reload speed does feel a tad too slow in the beginning.
3. When zombies got stuck on the hood sometimes I would be hit with some kind of lag that would make the game act about 3 seconds behind when I clicked, moved my mouse or anything. I was in full screen mode so I dont know if it was because of that.
4. It would be nice if car had a bit of a higher top speed.
5. You should make it when doing the quick steering left and right, left and right there is a chance to knock off the zombies on the hood.

Evil-Dog responds:

It is slower on purpose, it's a different game.

I dig the music.
Game was pretty easy beat all levels in about 10 mins.

I feel like its cheating me. By level 3 or 4, whenever I get 3 steps up and run to the edge of the screen to outrun a gap, a gap appears on the other side right where im standing causing me to fall into either an enemy or another gap, either way in the end I kept getting back to step one and just couldnt seem to get higher than the 3rd step.

Doesnt allow use of alternate titles.
Out Of This World had an alternate title called Another World and it wouldnt accept it :/
Do I really need to add Super to Castlevania IV?
Earthworm Jim is common.
Doesnt Except "The Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past" or "The Legend Of Zelda"? Wtf.
Some need better or more pictures, maybe have each game have 3 pictures?

What the hell is with the ridiculously large boobs again?
Sure I like big tits, but there is a limit man!
And whats with the animations still getting worse? You guys have been at this awhile, your animation skills should have IMPROVED not decline!


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