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B-But, ive reformatted my computer like 5-6 times now... Ive literally gone an named it Zombie Jesus do to the number of "revivals" its had.

It wouldnt feel like suicide, it would feel like entering a fresh and clean meadow with items neatly arranged throughout the field/

This is awesome and Im super disappointed its not longer as it looks like it could of made an even more awesome story.

Its a Night toss!
Can shadow meld like a night elf and use psionic abilities and psiblade like a protoss!

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its a good game but I dont have a smartphone/tablet so I cant get the mobile version. How about make a PC version?

Could be better.
I would of rather used my points to buy upgrades instead of just being given an upgrade every level.
Last level should of been some kind of boss that had a ton of gun ports firing down at you and you would have to destroy them all to win.
The acid gun kind of becomes very sucky in the later levels, maybe apply the guns upgrades to it as well? It would of been epic to be spewing out 5 streams of acid at once
There is also a huge lack of variety, would of liked to see more variety in the main weapon.

Murgee Auto Mouse Clicker 1.0 made short work of this.
Finished in 1:59:30.892

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the fuck you remix this song and not play the game?!
It is demanded of you to go right now, either get the Wii U bundle with WindWaker HD or go get a gamecube and the original game and dedicate at least 3 days to playing it.
You will thank me.

stunkel responds:

I made this specifically for an animation. Thanks for the review though! I have played the game since i made this

Castlestorm plays this.
Did you give them permission?

I can see the great fairy wearing a miniskirt, go go boots, and a wide ass hat.

vizsorank responds:

word up! you unintentionaly added the word hat right? lol
thanks for the listen and comment!!

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Pearl's skin is far to green.
Amethyst's face looks kinda bad, dont know how to explain it.
Garnet is pretty well done though

The emotion you made her display doesnt seem right.
I dont know, just seems like she would have a more pissed off kind of look.

Kinda looks like you took Mysti from pokemon and melded it with some other character.

JaviJavi responds:

lol, i woulda never thought that...just shows that art is always open to interpretation


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