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The video player sucks ass.
Many times has a video been halfway loaded but only a quarter of it will play....


2010-02-24 22:16:13 by IdealIdeas

Blams are finally 200+ Just to show my work towards everything I bombed. My next mission is 300 and to get rid of handels terrible sanford and son flashes.


2010-02-06 18:34:42 by IdealIdeas

I finally have over 200 Blams/Protects! thus giving me a voting power of 5.30! Of course each vote will be used for evil purposes!

Collaboration Effort!

2010-01-30 23:13:56 by IdealIdeas

MrNine and me have planned out a flash that we have no idea when it will be out as MrNine is learning how to make a game. Since I cant do flash nor have it Im supplying him with the pictures needed for the game. You can get an idea of what pictures I mean if you see MrNine's flashes

Hurray For Me

2010-01-29 06:14:02 by IdealIdeas

I have officially obtained 100 Blams! Next stop is 200 Blams!

News Flash!

2010-01-21 14:33:57 by IdealIdeas

My voting power has become 5.02 within this week and I intend to use every vote for EVIL! If you look at blams and saves you will see what I mean by EVIL!

Another note, I have finally added an Icon picture and a picture above my info!