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News Flash!

2010-01-21 14:33:57 by IdealIdeas

My voting power has become 5.02 within this week and I intend to use every vote for EVIL! If you look at blams and saves you will see what I mean by EVIL!

Another note, I have finally added an Icon picture and a picture above my info!


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2010-01-28 19:39:28

mines higher lol welcome to ng :3

IdealIdeas responds:

Yours is only higher cuz you a higher level. Although I can catch up fast as besides the 10 points daily that you can earn Im also getting a better Blam/Protect badge which increases my overall voting power! since I got over 100 Blam/Protects I get a whopping 2% bonus which currently sets my voting power to 5.15! So Im not far behind!


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